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This subreddit is meant to be a safe place for fans to read and talk about the TV series and books regardless of how many episodes or books you have seen or read. This is used to define what the post is about, and to what level of discussion is allowable in the comments. For more info see the guide and policy. So Myranda has a page in the viewers guide, she has never been a major character and of the top 5 characters in this episode, I don't think she ranks very high. All we saw of her was a dirty look towards Sansa when Sansa first arrived at Winterfell.

Since Ramsey can't torture Sansa, and Roose told him no more flayings, it seems he has ran out of "playthings".

myranda game of thrones reddit

Is Myranda in for a very bad time now? Seems like Reek is free to roam around doing Reek things since he helped Ramsey become a Bolton and maybe he's no fun to torture anymore either, what else can be done to him in Ramsey's sick mind? Seems like Myranda is in for a very bad time. I think Myranda is loosing her boyfriend and will take it out on his new wife. It's going to be ugly. I don't know if Ramsey will torment Sansa or just let Myranda do it Do you think he has the balls to torture Sansa?

That would not be a wise move, unless he thinks he can break her in order to secure the Bolton claim on the north. I hope not, but Roose Bolton said something like "we only need a name" and it really creeped me out. Yeah, i guess i thought it might work out for Stansa, I guess I hadn't been paying attention And now he sees an opportunity to gain more power for himself.

That still doesn't mean he's just giving up Sansa foolishly. He can gain power, overtake the Boltons, and help Sansa all at the same time. I think he lied when he told Ramsey he didn't know anything about him. Littlefinger would not admit this kind of weakness to someone's face. Ramsay desires a family name, like Jon Snow, but he's also terrified of his father Roose. For one reason or another I think he'll make a dutiful, if still insane, husband. Agreed, even as the most emotionless and twisted figure on the show, for some reason I just don't see Ramsay harming Sansa in any way.

I just think or maybe really hope Sansa's worst days are behind her. The Boltons are feared, not loved, in the North. The Starks are loved and respected. Roose hammered into Ramsay the need to have a Stark to legitimize their rule, and it is implied that House Bolton's grip on the North is slowly slipping.

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Roose may not care if Ramsay is a doting and loving husband, but he will certainly not allow Ramsay to compromise Bolton rule by abusing Sansa. The name means little without the prestige behind it. Ramsay may or may not appreciate that, but Roose certainly does. It's more implied that they don't even have a grip on the North. The Bolton's title as Warden of the North is just that, as houses are openly in protest of their appointment.

And that's what makes the show's storyline with Sansa so interesting compared to the book.Myranda was a servant of House Bolton of the Dreadfortdaughter of the castle's kennelmaster. She was one of Ramsay Snow 's bedwarmers and part-time helper in some of his torture sessions. Myranda and Violet enter the torture cellar in which Theon Greyjoy is kept hostage, release the former Prince of Winterfell and put him on a bed. Then they attempt to seduce him, claiming they have heard the heir to Pyke is "well endowed".

Violet claims Myranda was in training to become a septa but her sexual urges kept her from taking the vows. Theon is initially distrustful but cannot help but grow aroused when Myranda, stripped of her clothes by Violet, straddles him. Suddenly, they are interrupted by a horn sounded by Ramsay Snow.

He taunts Theon and tells him that he has also heard about Theon's manhood, before pulling out a gelding knife. Myranda and Violet then watch with amusement as Theon begs for mercy while being held to the floor by two men and castrated by Ramsay.

Afterwards, as Theon is still tied to the cross, Ramsay taunts him about being a eunuch. Some time later, Myranda joins Ramsay in hunting another bedwarmer, Tansyof whom she is jealous, through a forest near the Dreadfort.

She enjoys seeing the terrified girl being chased by her master's hounds for a while, but eventually shoots her through the leg with an arrow, and moments later watches her being mauled to death by the dogs.

Myranda later engages in violent sex with Ramsay, her moans echoing around the Dreadfort. During this, Yara Greyjoy and a group of ironborn climb over the walls of the Dreadfort to rescue Theon to no avail, as he refuses to leave his captivity, his identity now damaged by Ramsay's manipulation. Myranda accompanies the rest of House Bolton to their new home, Winterfell.

She watches with obvious jealousy and anger as Ramsay greets his new betrothed, Sansa. Ramsay disregards Myranda's insecurities, causing Myranda to proclaim that perhaps she will marry too and leave him. This angers Ramsay who violently tells her that she is his and she is not going anywhere unless she continues to bore him with her petty jealousy. He threateningly reminds her what he does to people who bore him, and hearing this Myranda swears never to bore him again.

He forces himself on her and she bites his lip before they have sex. Later, as Sansa wanders around the castle, Myranda approaches her beside the tower where Jaime Lannister once pushed Bran Stark from the window. To help Sansa "remember" how things used to be before her family's untimely death, Myranda leads Sansa down to the kennels to reunite her with Theon.

The night of the wedding, Myranda is sent by Ramsay to draw Sansa's bath, an order neither woman is enthusiastic about. As she wrings the black dye out of Sansa's hair, Myranda advises her not to let Ramsay get bored of her, and tells her the fates of Violet, Tansy, and a third girl named Kyra.

Sansa boldly asks if Myranda ever really believed that Ramsay would marry her, which stops the girl dead in her tracks. Sansa coolly declares that she is a Stark and Winterfell is her home: she refuses to be scared and nothing Myranda says will intimidate her. Silently fuming but unable to retaliate, Myranda asks if she is still needed.This subreddit is meant to be a safe place for fans to read and talk about the TV series and books regardless of how many episodes or books you have seen or read.

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We host monthly discussion hubs after the turn of each month for talking about the subreddit. Type it out or search for it on A Search of Ice and Fire. No silly posts, external funny links, memes, as new topics. Ramsay's weird sex-hunting buddy Myranda, who is an original character created solely for the show, is returning in season 5. Mark Mylod is directing episodes 3 and 4, Jeremy Podeswa episodes 5 and 6, and David Nutter is directing episodes 9 and One of the storylines I am very much interested in next season is the Winterfell story with the Boltons.

What do we think Myranda's role could be? I know some people have proposed that she might take the place of Jeyne Poole. I'm hesitant to get on board with that, but if the show played it well then that might work out. But what other roles could she fill in the north? Maybe she gets word on Rickon's whereabouts, and is sent out like Locke to find the heirs to winterfell? This seems weak, but since davos is currently at the Wall I am curious how they'll handle everyone's favorite Onion Knight.

Involved somehow in Jon's assassination plot.Charlotte Hope Myranda from Game of Thrones i.


I remember when the episode first aired and she was apologizing to her close friends on twitter for not warning them about her nude scene. I think I read somewhere that the producers don't want her to have a nude scene because they know her since she was a child and it feels wrong :.

She's super cute but at the same time I can't help but focus more on the fact that Ramsey? She was at a small fan event, along with some other minor celebs a dude from Harry Potter, a guy that played lots of aliens in Doctor Who. She showed up four hours late, was hungover, rude to guests, dressed in what appeared to be her pyjamas and during the rescheduled stage interview she was unresponsive.

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myranda game of thrones reddit

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For more info see the guide and policy. I mean like she did with Joffrey. Ramsay seems to be a lot smarter than Joffrey, but Margaery is excellent at manipulating people so I really wonder. She would have done the same thing. She would have pretended to enjoy watching Ramsay hurt people and join in as required. She would have to do this for her own safety though so I would not use it to judge her. Joffrey and Ramsay were similar but not identical. They both however, loved that someone else seemed to enjoy watching and helping them hurt others.

It made them feel accepted and loved for how they were. That is why Margaery acted the way she did with Joff and why she would have done the same with Ramsay. It is all just my opinion but it seems reasonable to me. Ramsay for sure would have wanted her to take part in some way, like Myranda did, which I don't know if Margaery could have stomached.

And the instant Ramsay saw the slightest hole in her facade, it would have been bad news for her. Honestly I think it would've gone down the same way as Osha. Ramsay is way too smart to get played like that.

Plus his chick I can't remember her name wouldn't have let Margaery get even close lol. Ramsay wouldn't have let myranda hurt Margaery for the same reason she wouldnt let her hurt Sansa - she's highborn and Ramsay's ticket to legitimacy. Myranda was disgustingly in love with him and obeyed him to a point. She wouldn't have killed Sansa Besides, I think Margaery would have had the sense to get rid of Myranda as soon as possible, or perhaps even attempt to befriend her.

Idk I just don't see Margaery fooling Ramsay. You think she could've sat through what he did to Theon? Not only sat through it, but actively contributed to his torture? No way. She would've been locked away just like Sansa. Young Ollenna Tyrell. Yeah she could have. Osha could have done it, except Ramsay already had gotten theon to snitch on everyone for everything before Osha even met got there While I would have enjoyed seeing it play out and watching her win, I don't think she would have.

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myranda game of thrones reddit

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